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Brush Small Round C25Moroccanoil - Gooseberry - £10.20

Features ceramic and ionic properties that allow for even heat distribution, enhancing...

Brush Small Round C25
Boar Bristle Brush Size 45mmMoroccanoil - Gooseberry - £39.00

Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Brush Size 45mmBlow-dry voluminous and smooth, sleek looks with...

Boar Bristle Brush Size 45mm
Small Hot Brushlabel.m - Gooseberry - £8.64

label.m Small Hot Brush Ideal for short hair lengths of all textures and helps smoothes...

Small Hot Brush
Detangling Paddle Brushlabel.m - Gooseberry - £11.75

Three of your favourite brushes brought together; the Detangler, Vent and Paddle in just...

Detangling Paddle Brush
Jumbo Hot Brushlabel.m - Gooseberry - £11.69

label.m Jumbo Hot Brush Ideal for thick textures and long hair lengths and adds body and...

Jumbo Hot Brush
Paddle Brush P80Moroccanoil - Gooseberry - £13.25

Features:- Flat shape is perfect for creating straight, smooth styles.- Features ceramic...

Paddle Brush P80
Brush Round C45Moroccanoil - Gooseberry - £15.50

Moroccanoil C45 60mm Barrel Brush is made with high-quality materials and features...

Brush Round C45