″Digital Electric Piano″

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Piano 4 digital stage pianoClavia Nord - Bax-shop UK - £2,185.00 £2,819.00

The Nord Piano 4 is the latest version of the renowned digital stage piano. This model...

Piano 4 digital stage piano
PX-560 digital pianoCasio - Bax-shop UK - £829.00 £1,165.00

The PX-560 offers stiff competition for other digital pianos. With options, sounds and...

PX-560 digital piano
FP-10 digital pianoRoland - Bax-shop UK - £369.00 £544.00

Roland's FP-10 is a compact digital piano that has the feel and sound of an acoustic...

FP-10 digital piano
Recital digital pianoAlesis - Bax-shop UK - £239.00 £344.00

The Alesis Recital is an excellent digital piano that is suitable for beginners as well...

Recital digital piano
RP102 digital pianoRoland - Bax-shop UK - £739.00 £1,090.00

If you want a piano in your home, but don't have the space or budget for an acoustic...

RP102 digital piano
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